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BuLk UserS Administration

blusa is a set of Python scripts and modules, intended for administration of unix accounts in bulk. At this moment blusa can manage these types of accounts:

This project is not dead, I'm just very busy and this web is the very last priority

BLUSA is a Free Software, realesed under de GNU General Public License. Please send feedback to, just drop me a line if this program is useful for you.

[2003-01-20] blusa 0.3.3 released: This version is stable enough for daily use with a bit of care ;-) It doesn't fail when I use it, and it's the first release that really doesn't.

[2003-01-19] blusa-win32 0.6 released: Stable for normal use, but limited features. New GUI with wxPython. Autoinstallable made with Inno Setup.

[2002-09-29] blusa 0.3.1 released: This release fail much less, and may be used without big danger. Previous release (0.3.0) had a bug which causes Samba user creation to corrupt the execution of blusacreateusers. This bug is fixed now.

[2002-08-26] blusa 0.2.3 released: at least a new release! Ok, I haven't released it before 'cause I didn't have time, but now blusa supports the last version of Samba and manages better accounts deletion. I've also implemented password changing through python-expect. I haven't documented it yet, but I will do it shortly.

[Last update: 2002-08-21] blusa documentation will be written in Spanish because I have no time to translate it into English nor write it in English directly. Thanks to Félix J. Maerclo Wirnitzer for his work as revisor. I (or hopefully somebody else) will translate it into English as soon as posible. The code is commented in English and the scripts prints its output in English (if there are no translations available). It uses gettext for translations.

[2002-08-22] win32blusa 0.2 released: Added some convenient easinesses, but BE CAREFUL, because easy administration mean DANGEROUS administration. Pay special atention to the "listing existent users" feature, because use bulk user deletion after users listing may DELETE __ALL__ EXISTENT USERS IN YOUR SYSTEM. You've been warned!

[2002-08-21] win32blusa 0.1 released: this is the first (almost stable) release of the package. It is intended for a minimal facility to create and delete user accounts in bulk, mainly as complement to LInux/UNIX accounts. The GUI is written using Tkinter and sucks a little ;-)

[2002-05-31] blusa 0.2.2 released: this is the first public release after a not so short time with the development absolutely frozen. But now I'm develepoing blusa a la eXtreme Programming and results will be released more frecuently, at least in the following weeks. Files for download are available at